Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas presents started...

Oh God I've been a bad blogger. Well I didn't have the time to get on the internet, and then my Dad borrowed my digital camera and then I...ran out of excuses. Bad Hannah *slaps*

Well, last week (adding to my guilt at not displaying my loot to the world), I got another package from my Secret Pal:

I got:
A couple of cinnamon scented candles, being saved for when we put the Christmas decs up,
A pile of Sanctuary skin care products, looking forward to having an ounce of spare time so I can actually try them out,
A book token, which turned very quickly into the first of the Sacvenger trilogy by K J Parker,
and some lovely lovely Lindt chocolate which I can't seem to find anymore...

Thankyou again Secret pal!

Rapunzel is on the way, I've nearly finished the back and I'm loving every stitch, but it's had to be put on hold to start the Christmas presents.

So, first Christmas present started, and half finished is a moss stitch scarf for my brother, I reckon I should have this finished by the end of November. I hope.