Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mia. At long last.

I need to find someone to take photos for me. I faffed about for ages trying to get a half decent shot with the self timer, with my camera balanced on a shelf in my housemate's bedroom (the only room in the whole house with a shelf at the right height), and the best I got was the one below where I look about 15. It was either that or "look, it's my arm in a mirror again".

Pattern: Mia
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft DK
I finished this over a month ago! Egad. Pretty much as is in the pattern, with a King Charles brocade cuff.
I don't know when I will ever wear this. Someone please invite me out somewhere and stop me spending my whole life in jeans and tshirts.


picperfic said...

it is gorgeous! You do look very young! I think it would lovely with your jeans, wear it and enjoy it!You will be saying to people 'I made it' and they will say 'NO, really?' x

Sarah said...

It's a very pretty knit - good luck with the invite :o)