Friday, October 10, 2008

Back at uni and suddenly shocked to find myself a third year

How can I possibly be a third year? I'm not ready for third year! I want to do second year again!

To be fair, I am vaguely excited about the things I'm doing, but I still feel things are moving way too fast. I may have stupidly bitten off more than I can chew in the current project, especially since I only have 8 weeks to do it. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to build on the tailoring skills that I've learnt or try something completely new with corsetry, so...err...I'm doing both.

I'm making the suit on the left (only the jacket though, everyone else in my class is doing full suits, but then, they're only working from one design)...

...and the corset and combination on the right. For those of you not in the know, a combination is like a baggy, frilly, knee length jumpsuit. Well fit. My model is thrilled.

At the same time as I'm making those, we have a 4000 word essay to write. Not a long one by third year standards at all, but then, I'm guessing most third year students don't have tailoring and embroidery to do at the same time. I'm currently researching the physical and emotional effects of high heeled shoes, but I haven't got far enough in to decide what my focus is going to be.

We had a group tutorial on our essays this afternoon to talk about such diverse matters as Donald Sutherland's uberwhite teeth, whether Cheryl Cole is the best X-factor judge ever and Grayson Perry, the transvestite potter who takes offence at being called a transvestite potter yet produces pots and wears little girl's dresses. Personally I think Donald Sutherland is a diva, Grayson Perry is a fake and X-factor should be taken off the air forever. I think my tutor has more or less gotten used to my abruptness by now, but I can never really tell whether he's disappointed that I can be extremely negative, or impressed that I'm not intimidated by the Emperor's New Clothes effect of modern art. Mostly though I think he likes to ask my opinion about things so he can have a good laugh.

I have been knitting furiously in meetings and on the coach to London to go fabric shopping, my lovely lovely Manos is gradually becoming a lovely lovely Kombu. There is no photo though, because I'm sitting on my bed and my camera is four feet away on my desk and it's a Friday evening therefore I'm too lazy to stretch that far. Pah.


Anushka said...

i know this feeling!
aaaaaaaaah your essay sounds v interesting, and i LOVE the corset combo. it's thrilling. the suit jacket looks like it'd be beautiful when done, as well. and also thought it fitting to let you know that i'm applying to do your course (which for my year of entrance will also incorporate set design - should be good) as first choice. so scared about not getting a place tho! am going to the open day in december, too. i just hope that i love the place as much as the course. :)

Viknits said...

Oooh I LOVE the drawings, and lots of good luck for getting everything done. I never made it to third year the first time round! :p (hopefully I will this time!)
I also really love the hat and scarf in the previous post - they look really gorgeous and I love your yarn choice!

CatR said...

That sounds like a very interesting essay! A friend is having trouble finding high heeled shoes that fit him... Have a great time and keep up those no nonsense answers.