Monday, August 17, 2009

Angus disapproves

Meet Angus the Angry Squid. Angus is 2 months old and lives in the wilds of Hamworthy. He likes curried eggs, America's Next Top Model and singing opera in the shower. He dislikes everything else.

This is Hansi Singh's Squid-a-licious pattern knit in leftover Cascade from my stripy jumper for my darling boyfriend (he was the advance guard, to make sure Martin's bedroom was liveable before I moved in)
The pattern is great - I bought 4 of hers and will at some point get round to making another one for myself - the only change I made was to stitch down a little ridge between the eyes and chain stitch on some eyebrows.


Katyjayne said...

Ooh ooh oooh- did you see her cuttlefish pattern?!?
btw LOVE Angus hannah (so glad to see you're making good use of your time!!)
methinks these would be great for all those bits of handspun I end up with which aren't enough for anything else.....
love you lots

crochetgurl said...

Awww, he's so cute and angry looking! I love that you make toys too. :-)

Viknits said...

Oh he's cute! Our puffers would like to eat him :p They have squid for supper! :) Don't be fooled - the porcupine puffers are unbelievably cute, especially the ones that are only half an inch in size that I keep ogling over in the shop, but they grow at an alarming rate!! Spike has tripled in size in about 4 months! :o