Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aaaaaah, Mr. Lappytop, how I have missed you!

Ahoyhoy. Happy 2010! Happy happy internet access! My harddrive died a tragic death a few weeks ago so I have been experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms while a lovely young man from PCWorld fixed it for me (at half price, for I have Contacts. Heh.) I have over 1000 blog posts to catch up on (I shouldn't read so many) and probably 10 times that amount of forum posts over on Ravelry.

In the meantime, I have had Christmas! Twice! Wooooo! I am clearly in a scary, serious, grownup relationship now that I am sharing Christmas between the parents. Also, I got twice as much Christmas pudding. Score.
All my Christmas presents got finished on time, miraculously, not only that, they were all greatly appreciated, and they all fit! MY GENIUS KNOWS NO BOUNDS! Photos later, still gathering them all up from the near computer-death experience (and the-forgetting-to-take-photos-of-half-of-them-on-Christmas-Day. Duh.)

Martin and I also semi officially moved in to the new apartment this Saturday. His mum is still in the old house til it's sold (she has an offer though, touch wood), and his stepdad works in Brazil so he's out of the country most of the year, so we're having fun pretending we actually own the place. All of my stuff is tucked away in cupboards, most of Martin's is, but we still have to hop back and forth between the houses sorting out the junk/nostalgic and meaningful childhood treasures from the attic. Mother, if you thought I hoarded stuff...

*Collective groan as I inflict new house photos on the world*

The Lounge!

The thing about this apartment is that while all the individual rooms are much bigger, we're losing shed, garage and attic space. And two storage lockers. Martin's mum has started moving some of her things over, so the view below is now full of boxes waiting to be tetrissed into cupboards somewhere.

Those massive black things that look like barn doors? They are stepdad's speakers. Together they are worth approximately £20,000. I am scared to go near them.

The Kitchen SLASH Dining Room!

LOTS of cupboard rearranging to do in here. I should make a start on that tomorrow. Ugh. Also of note, boyfriend brownie points in the form of unexpected flowers. He also cooked dinner tonight, though that is because I am very slowly teaching/forcing him to. It was good though. Good Martin. Have cookie.

The Bedroom!

I went to Coinstar when we moved in to get rid of Martin's very old change collection. I mean very old. There was an old 5p in there, which I don't quite understand, as he still lived in Birmingham in The Big Five Pee days. He's not quite aware of how quickly change adds up so he was a little shocked when I came back from Sainsbury's with £100. He promptly went and burnt half of it on a fish tank. Fishies are all well and good, but I told him he was silly with money and he should give it all to me to look after for him. He came pretty close to agreeing.

Lookit the size of those windows! No excuse for rubbish photos now.

Please note, all decorative items in this room, for example, artwork, bedding and lamps were chosen by the boy. We're going to buy fish at the weekend and he's also decided that he only wants black and silver fish to match the furniture.

I'm fairly sure I picked a heterosexual boyfriend, but occasionally I wonder.

That's all for now folks.

P.S. I've just started knitting my Map of the World again after the Christmas giftathon. Thankyou to everyone who's downloading it, it's getting way more attention than I thought it would! Hope you all enjoy.

P.P.S. It is actually the 27th of January today. For some reason my last post seemed to think it was still November, but I promise I waited till December 1st to open my advent calendar.

P.P.P.S. It's 3 days to my birthday! I keep forgetting this. Having a second Christmas 2 weeks late has kinda sent my brain skewiff. Yay, yarn shopping on the horizon!

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Starry said...

Welcome back!!!

Yay for two christmases and a spiffy new abode!

Starry xx