Saturday, January 12, 2008

Swatches galore (I'm a good girl)

Three fabulous things about this week:

1. All my bits work properly again

Blood test results No. 3 came back on Wednesday and I have a healthy, happy liver again, ready for me to re-poison it for my birthday.

2. I am off to the Land of Fried Chicken

I'm back at university now and I've got a 3 week extension on the deadline. It will overlap with the next project so I'm not sure how that's going to pan out, but I'm ahead of schedule for my toile fitting next week. Worryingly the costume more or less fits me. Aside from arms down to his knees and legs up to his armpits, Francis is the same size as me. Poor boy needs to eat more. Best of all, I can still go to America :D Cincinnati is off, since the contact we had there has just resigned, but my tutor is now looking into sending me to Kentucky. Equally exciting I'm sure.

3. I picked up my needles again

Most important part, of course. This is the first half repeat of Pomatomus. It's touch and go whether I'll contine with this, I might do a few more rows and decide it's really the wrong pattern for this yarn, the YOs do look a bit huge.

And this is my new little goody-two-shoes pile of gauge swatches.

The grey one I did after Christmas with Jaeger merino for this jacket, provided I have enough once I've done all the maths. The purple and red I just did this evening while watching Dexter online. Ah, nothing like a friendly serial killer to bring out the domestic goddess in you. The purple is one of the handspuns from my Mum, and is destined for this, again, depending on re-mathing the pattern. The red is new Debbie Bliss Cathay which was on sale and will eventually become this. Now it just remains to be seen whether I actually find time to make the garments or whether I'm just left proudly waving my little squares.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Love that Cathay red; great indeed for banishing January grey.

I hope you stick with the Pom's; I just love that pattern, hope I'll get round to it this year.