Saturday, July 05, 2008

101 in 1001 update: Month 2

Ok, few days late with this, but if I don’t post now it won’t get done till the middle of the month because I’m Going On Holiday! Did I mention that? Apparently ripping wax off my legs and stinking of fake tan is enough to make me excited about something I was previously a little wary of. Well, provided my friends don’t persuade me to hit the town in hen party-esque costumes I should be fine. Roll on over-priced cocktails and sunburn.

5. Get the CD drive on my laptop fixed.

This one I’m changing to ‘Buy external DVD drive and/or Playstation’ after I was told replacing the drive in my laptop would cost about £120. I really don’t love this machine that much.

29. Go to the Bournemouth and Poole Stitch’n’Bitch at least once. Complete

Yes! After being a member of the Ravelry group since March I finally managed to make it to a meeting last Thursday. Hopefully I will be able to find a day time job soon and go to many more meetings, otherwise Sound Circus will continue to eat up my Thursday nights. It was good though! I got through a mile of otherwise very boring stocking stitch, ate much cake and talked to people close to my own age (GASP!), which was a nice surprise - I went to a ‘Knit and Knatter’ in Poole a couple of months ago, and while they were also very nice people, I was the youngest by a good 15 years and felt a little out of place.

37. Stop putting off my pile of clothes to be repaired. 3/

I sewed some buttons on. I can think of no way to make this more interesting.

42. Make myself a costume for each Hallowe’en and Summer Ball. 1/5

Yes, I have already blogged about this, but here, have another photo for good measure. You can see my moustache in this one. Loved that moustache.

58. Go to the cinema at least once a month, even if it means going on my own. 2/33

Yes, twice, I’m counting the first one as last month’s cinema trip, because it was early in the month, and I’m apparently already cheating on this list. I have now seen Indiana Jones 4, which is fantastic and I am still in love with him (though I have to stress Indiana Jones, not Harrison Ford – this is strict character love), and Wanted, which I loved but Lucy thought was “the biggest pile of gobshite I’ve ever seen”. I guess I was just in the mood for silly overblown unrealistic violence, and she really, really wasn’t.

63. Make a curry from scratch. Complete…ish

Well, kinda. I started from curry paste though. It’s just a mite too expensive to get whole spices. I cooked it from the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook too, does it count if it’s a low fat version? I’m not even sure why I own this cookbook, I’m not on a diet and doubt I ever could be, I like carbs and dairy way too much. If I get blobby I just have to accept the fact that I’ll have to spend money on a gym membership. Or liposuction.

75. See a sunset and a sunrise in the same day. Complete

Yep, got to the summer ball at 9, didn’t leave till half 4. Very very weird to be walking that road home post-sunrise. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it in daylight before.

78. Go to Bournemouth Oceanarium. Complete

Yup, we watched the stingrays being fed like bona fide tourists. There were teeny tiny baby seahorses too, which I was most disappointed to see people walking straight past. I wanted to grab them and force them back to the tank to take a closer look. I think it’s a good thing I’m not a tour guide, I have a feeling you’re not allowed to be that aggressive with unobservant members of the public.

15. Sell, donate or throw out 101 items I don’t need. Complete
20. Reach 175 blog posts. 11/133
82. Try a new food every month. 2/33
91. Wear a skirt at least once a week. 7/143
95. Buy from a local butcher/grocer/market instead of the supermarket once a month. 2/33

Yes, yes, blah blah, very boring. Lychees = ming. That is all.

Still no progress on the knitting and sewing list items. I fail at free time.


Anonymous said...

Ah... haven't been to the flicks in ages. Sounds like you're achieving some goals there!

Anushka said...

ah! i still think that you costume was fantastico, and even more so that you found an entourage of cards.i need to go to the cinema/theatre more too, but i'm afraid of going on my own!

picperfic said...

you look lovely in your costume! I have the 'Eat Youself Slim' book, but, I need to use it!