Thursday, August 28, 2008

The End! Nearly!

I posted off my package yesterday morning and I just got mine in return! Yays!

My swap partner is staying anonymous and wants me to seek her out through her blog (she’s a sneaky one). I shall put my detective hat on later…I know she lives in Manchester and works as a assistant energy curator…I haven’t been paying attention to people’s jobs and hometowns, I’ve only been watching the knitting!

Anyhoo (I knew this would happen) for the first time in THE WHOLE SUMMER I have a guest today, who is sleeping off the effects of last night downstairs (as I would be, if the doorbell hadn’t gone), so I will be good and not open my parcels till she’s gone home.

Oh, the suspense!


Anonymous said...

Ooh phew - it didn't get eaten by the post monster! Had a wobble after I posted it without any assurance such as "sign for".

I suspect that I've never given my job title on the blog, but I have mentioned my place of work - I knitted something for work very recently...

CatR said...

Hang on - I lied. Sorry - useless! It isn't mentioned on the blog, but it is on my Rav projects page.

Anonymous said...

Gah - I blew my cover!!