Saturday, September 17, 2005

It is complete!

Tempting is finished! Well, ish. It's so lovely and soft and I want to take it to bed with me and other things I should be locked up for, but it's a little loose so I'm going to attempt to work backwards on the last 5 rows and re-do them with smaller needles. That should be fun. Photos when I can actually wear it without fear of it falling down and showing my bra.

I finished the knitting part of the Sirdar Frenzy bag at work today and brought it home to sew in the lining, which I havn't bothered to start yet. I still think it's horrible, but my mum, work collegues and random customers keep coming up to me and saying 'isn't that cool', so I shall hold my tongue and call it 'not my taste' rather than 'hideous'. Each to their own I suppose, there are probably many knitters out there who think the yarns I knit with are boring.

And Secret Pal's underway! Yay! I've already emailed my pal, and got a musical e-card (which made me jump out of my skin, I wasn't expecting it to suddenly start singing at me!) from the person spoiling me, and I'm off to buy my first gift tomorrow, if I can actually find what I want. All very exciting :D


Daisy said...

It's definitely worth redoing those last few rows. A top I made (my first) was quite loose when I finished & is now very loose after washing. Lots of bra sticking out going on so I daren't wear it anywhere I'm likely to be seen!

Anonymous said...

Secret pal here... your amazon wish list link isn't working... it just takes me to my old one.

Glad you liked the e-card!