Monday, September 05, 2005


My mother has come back from holiday bearing gifts! Oh yes, life is good :D

Same yarn as for Broadstreet Mittens (put on hold till I get some practice), so I already had the right needles to go with it. How convenient...

Since taking the photo I'm about halfway through the heel band about to start the complicated bit. Eep. Also, is it normal to knit inside out in circles? I've only ever done Tempting knitting before, which is in 2x2 rib so I can't tell the difference.

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Alison said...

When I did my first socks I was baffled as to why I seemed to be knitting inside out, but it turned out I was holding the working needles at the back instead of holding them facing me if you see what I mean. Made all the difference. I love the idea of 'really hard' fair isle by the way, I did laugh.