Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today I am pimping

I like pimping, I get to wear the nattiest outfits. I think I look good in floor length purple coats and dalmation print hats. Oh, and a silver topped pimp cane, naturally.

Today, my trusty ho's (hos? hoes? how the hell do you spell that?) and I are promoting the UK Swap - Ravelry link here, normal blog link here. It's a swap (duh) for people in the UK (duh) for the sole purpose of swapping pretty pretty surprise presents with someone else in the UK for no good reason whatsoever! Because, seriously, when does yarn need a reason? It runs over the summer - til the beginning of September - signups have just opened and close on the second of June.

Of course, I am horribly, horribly mercenary and I'm only pimping this because there's a pimp the swap competition and I WANT THAT YARN. So, if you sign up, or even if you go look at the blog and decide not to, tell them I sent you and aid me in my pointless acquisition of more yarn I have no room for.

In other news, I'm leaving for Scotland to see the parenticals. I haven't seen my mother since January and I'm flying so I only have a small suitcase to fill. I'm currently struggling to decide which of my 5 new projects, 3 new magazines, 5 new books and gazillion bags of yarn she would be more excited about seeing. (OK fine, which of them I'd be more excited about showing off)

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UK Swap said...

Thanks for the pimp, you did it so well.