Monday, June 09, 2008

UK Swap questionnaire

Eee, it's been a bit hectic the last few weeks. Hopefully at some point in the next few days I'll get to write about Scotland, and the costume show, and the summer ball, but for now I've just realised that today is the deadline for this questionnaire, or else I get kicked off the swap. God, I am so disorganised.

Part One: Crafting
Do you knit, crochet, or both?
I knit, I may learn to crochet at some point, but don’t hold your breath.
What do you like to make?
Jumpers and cardigans, socks and gloves
Do you have a favourite project?
Generally the one I cast on most recently!
Do you have a favourite type of fibre or brand of yarn?
No, I use natural fibres rather than synthetic, but I haven’t tried enough different yarns to know which is my favourite.
Do you have a least favourite type of yarn?
I like stitch definition, so I don’t like anything too textured.
Do you do any other crafts?
I sew, on the admittedly rare occasions when I can be bothered.
Do you knit in public? If so where do you like knitting and what is your "portable" project?
Sometimes, in waiting rooms and on public transport mostly, on anything small enough to fit in my bag! So socks, gloves, hats, scarves and bits of garments provided they haven’t got too big to carry yet.
What do you carry your "portable" knitting in?
At the moment just my handbag, but I’ve bought some fabric to make a proper knitting bag at some point.
Are there any knitting gifts (book, toy, yarn, item, tool) that you have been lusting over?
Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionaries, sock blockers, a yarn winder, very-pretty-but-horribly-expensive Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable needles.

Part Two: Your Favourites
What is your favourite colour?
I seem to be on a bit of a red phase at the moment. I also love all shades of blue, green and purple, rich chocolatey browns, black and white
What is your least favourite colour?
Yellow, most shades of pink and orange. Mind you, that’s just garments and accessories, when it comes to socks I’ll wear anything.
What scents/smells do you like? What don’t you like?
My favourites are fresh citrusy or floral scents. I don’t like ‘food’ scents, like chocolate and honey. Not fond of lavender either.
How do you like to pamper yourself? (bubble bath, hand creams, massage, manicure)
I don’t have a bath so most toiletries are out! When I need pampering I curl up with a good book or a good movie.
What goodies to you like to eat? (chocolate, biscuits, sweets, crisps etc)
Home baked cookies and cakes! Also milk chocolate (no nuts), and silly childish gummy, fizzy, gooey colourful things. And cheese. Though I wouldn’t really recommend posting me cheese.
Do you prefer tea or coffee while you knit? Any particular kind?
Nope, don’t drink either.
Do you listen to/watch anything while you knit? (TV show-Along, movies, music, podcasts, audiobooks)
All of the above! It is a very rare moment when I’m knitting without doing something else at the same time. Totally addicted to tv-links, am choosing to ignore its dubious legality.

Part Three: About you, Living & Past-times
If you were a specific kind of yarn, which brand and kind of yarn would you be (and why)?
I’d be a smooth solid colour DK yarn, possibly a bit boring compared to all the fancy ones out there, but versatile enough to surprise you.
Where do you live in the UK? (General idea not address)
Have you always lived here, or did you grow up somewhere else?
I grew up in Buckinghamshire, came down to Bournemouth for university.
What is your favourite place in the UK?
Hmm, Bath maybe, tis very pretty there, plus there’s a costume museum.
If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
My list is way too long for this. Japan, Australia, Russia, Jordan, most of South America. Want to go back to New York and San Francisco too.
What other hobbies do you have?
Sewing and baking.

Part Four: The Theme
As part of this swap we are asking you to post (or link to) a picture or photograph you like. Your swap pal will use the photo as a basis for a themed item or parcel.
It could be of a specific item, e.g. Jellybeans, an Alpaca, a rainbow or a scene e.g. sunset, beach, woodland or anything else you can think of! Please add a few words to explain why you have chosen the photo if you think this is appropriate.It could be a photo you have taken or a picture you have found on the internet.
Please note - if the picture is not yours please ensure you seek permission from the owner before posting it on your blog. Alternatively, you can link to the original picture.

This is a photo of the beach I stayed on in Mexico in my gap year, when I was on a marine conservation project. It’s here because I love travelling, the diving was awesome (I can happily just float and watch fish for as long as my air lasts) and the colours are pretty damn cool too.

Final Part:
Any allergies/preferences (fibre-wise or treat-wise)?
I’m pretty anti-smoking, but I don’t have any allergies.
Anything we missed that you’d like your partner to know?
Just a hi, nice to meet you and feel free to give me a kick up the butt if I don’t update my blog regularly enough!

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