Saturday, January 01, 2011

The mojo returneth

Hey hey! Guess what my new year's resolution is? More crafting, more cooking, more blogging.* That shouldn't be hard after lasting til March this year! I've had a peculiar mojoless year of blah, very little knitting and sewing and nothing else I've wanted to blog about in between. The desire to make, and more importantly for pie and handkerchiefs, the desire to blab about things I've made is gradually creeping back though, helped in no small part by Christmas. Actually I went a bit mad for Christmas. There were cross stitched Christmas cards (with no photos, bah), knitted hats and related woolies (pictures will be in my Ravelry projects) and lots and lots of cookies.

See? Many cookies.

Martin helped me decorate these

Dear God how did I ever think these would all get eaten?

Oh, and this.

Yeah. A nice simple project to ease me back into sewing. Better photos and detail shots to come. I'm so happy with this, as are Martin and my mum who both said 'I'm sooo glad you're sewing again' in the kind of tone that makes me think they would have staged an intervention otherwise. Fingers crossed that the machine will not gather dust for another year.

*well, there is also find a proper job and a place to live, not neccessarily in Dorsrt, but we'll see what happens later in the year.

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Welcome back!