Friday, January 14, 2011

New job new job la la la la la

I have a job! I went back to temping at Castle Cover, who've had me on and off since July and they offered me the permanent position on my first day back. I'm still officially a temp until my birthday (I was booked to the end of the month), then I shall be a permanent admin/mail assistant. It's......not the most exciting job in the world, but it's a hell of a lot better than never knowing when my next temp contract is coming in and things can only get better from here. And hey, it's ten minutes walk away from home! (Although, hadn't I just decided I was going to cut my losses and move out of Poole this year? Oh well.)

I got my security pass today when I signed my contract and whoever was in charge of the photo decided it would be easier to stretch it sideways into a square rather than just cropping it - so I have uneven googly fish eyes and a big clown mouth. Nice.

I'm not sure what the new job is going to mean for my crafting. I've been too exhausted to do anything other than surf the net most evenings, but hopefully that's just beacuse I'd gotten used to extreme lie-ins. I'd like to do more sewing this year, so I'll probably have to persuade myself to take my difficulty level down a few notches. The bad thing about having training in sewing (at least for me) is I have this ridiculous idea that simple projects are somehow beneath me, yet complex projects feel to much like work and I get flashbacks of university deadlines and critiques, which leads to me just ignoring my machine altogether. So, there will be attempts to break out of this habit and sew some simpler projects now. I got One Yard Wonders from Martin for Christmas which has some great ideas in, and over a year ago I was in a knit-and-sewalong in Ravelry for Cape May. I got the knitting part down, and cut up some fabric and then started thinking 'maybe I could add a pocket to the lining' or 'how about an adjustable strap' or 'could I put an extra compartment in this?' before that inevitably turned to 'Meh. Can't be bothered.' So if I can find the pieces, that'll be first on the sewing line.

And finally, just so this isn't an entirely pictureless post, and because I should show it off, I won a new year giveaway from Bugs and Fishes! She sent me 2m of wonderful cutout felt trim (she sells lots of felt, plus she has a new giveaway up)

It's way wider than I thought it would be - I was initially thinking skirt trim, but since I could cut it in half and have 4m, I may save it for when I eventually move out and start needing curtains. Have to find a flat first though...

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