Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm in love with a kitchen implement

Yes. I know. First the iron, now this. I should see a therapist. Seriously though, Oh My God, my life has been changed by a microplane grater. This one in fact. I bought it with my Christmas money (thankyou Granny!) expecting it to be somewhat easier than zesting citrus fruit with the small holes on a cheese grater, but I was not prepared for how utterly perfect and simple it was. I want to put zest in EVERYTHING now.

And yet again, yes I am in my twenties, and no, apparently I do not get excited about the same things as other twenty-somethings.

I just made Amaretto Shortbread from Baking Bites - or at least I almost did. I had to leave out the lemon zest as Martin's stepdad saw my lemon in the fruitbowl and thought 'Ooh! Gin and tonic!' Grr. It still tastes good though!

I have now become so distracted by my shiny new toy that I've forgotten what I was going to say about my knitting, so let's be brief. This weekend we had Christmas again with Martin's family, and I'd knitted some presents for his parents.

His mum had requested a hat like Martin's last year, but with flamingos on. Ok, yep, no problem.

His stepdad wanted a neckwarmer, which I was all prepared to knit from stash, until he told me at the last minute that he couldn't wear wool. I was quite surprised to find how hard it is to buy 100% acrylic yarn at the moment. A good thing most of the time I admit, but then you get saddled with a fussy person. Bahhh, I'm sure he could have coped with 10% wool.

That's not a very exciting neckwarmer. I realise I should have closed with the flamingos. Eh. I'm tired.

There ya go. More flamingos. Yay!


starrilicious said...

Yay for zesters xD. Have you been watching Baking Made Easy with that ex model in it? Really like that prog.

Katherine Sturdy said...

Me too, Lorraine Pascale is the new baking queen, move over Mary Berry!
Actually, make that 'Lady in Waiting': the royal crown is MINE and Hannah is the Baking Princess.
oh, and I did wonder about 'knitting flamingoes'. I had images of flocks of knitted amigurami birds!

twigletqueen said...

I haven't seen it yet but there have been some of her recipes in the last couple of Good Food magazines - they look pretty damn good! Maybe I'll be all fashionable and give Parisian macarons a try