Friday, August 26, 2005

I want a club! (not the biscuit kind...although that would be nice too)

I met one of the elusive fellow-knitters in High Wycombe today (well sort of, she was looking for a book on learning to knit, so possibly more of a fellow-knitter-to-be), and I'm aching to join a club now. Miraculously almost as soon as I started searching I found another person on a forum wanting to start a club in the High Wycombe area, so I'll cross my fingers and hope she comes back to me.

Bought a pattern magazine from Burda the other day (I spent over a tenner on magazines this week. That's so bad.), since I feel I should probably get some more sewing practice done before I forget how to entirely. Besides, I need some trousers that fit properly and I don't think it's entirely practical to knit them. This is what I'm planning on doing (but probably won't), minus some boring yet functional trousers and jackets I couldn't be bothered to scan.

Reeeally don't like that colour, but yes, I need more skirts suitable for work.

'Why does this suit look both elegant and saucy? Because the short jacket was inspired by typical waiters' waistcoat designs!'

Because we all know how stylish those waiters are. London fashion week will indeed be overrun with them. Mind you, will probably look better if it isn't in shiny pinstripe.

I LOVE this skirt. Need to get some shoes to go with it though...

This will be item I am bound to make, then change my mind about and never use.

And I got one of the knitting books I ordered today :D Doesn't have the neckline I need for the top design in my head, but I'm sure it won't be hard to find it elsewhere. I can tell it's going to be used to death anyway.

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