Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Um...how do you actually start a knitting blog?

Hi. *waves to all the countless millions of people who don't yet know this blog exists*

I'm Hannah, it says more about me up in that there corner, or at least it will when I can be bothered to fill it in properly. I've been knitting since last Christmas, learning the basics from my mum (who is fantastic and has agreed to take me to the Knitting and Stitching show this year), but mainly self-taught, and I've sadly become obsessed with the new creative outlet. I'm sure you can sympathise.

Hmm...the site's still in construction at the mo, so no photos of my WIPs yet (a lace shawl, a huge poloneck jumper and Knitty's Tempting, which I hadn't intended to start, but it lived up to its name), no finished objects gallery and I will probably be 80 before I figure out how those silly percentage WIP bars work. Bah.

I may just return later with some nice juicy photos....

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Annie said...

Welcome to blogland - you're on the slippery slope now! Look forward to seeing your WIP and finished items. Be warned, you'll now spend so much time reading fascinating things about knitting that you won't have time to actually knit!