Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sleeves and Secret Pals

Finished one of the sleeves for my huge jumper, I think my guage (or possibly the instructions, as I did actually check this time) is off since I magically reached the required length without doing the block of work even I was supposed to do. Oh well, at least it wasn't something important I missed out.

Also been having great fun stabbing myself with DPNs for the first Tempting sleeve. Gah! Why are they so long! What on Earth are you going to knit on DPNs that needs to be that big? Socks for yetis? I think I've more or less got it figured out with minimal puncture wounds now, and worked out that you can work into the back of the first stitch to avoid big ladders. Cunning eh?

And since I've been having trouble with DPNs, it makes a great deal of sense that I just did my guage for Broadstreet Mittens. Of course. Not supposed to be starting this till one of the others is finished, but the yarn is calling to me. It looks like cookies and cream!

And finally, I've just signed up for Secret Pal 6. Eee, v. excited about this, though I imagine I'll waste lots of money buying stuff for myself while shopping for my pal. Not good.


sarah said...

Hi Hannah! I had fun cruising through your blog this morning. You're working on some beautiful things! Hope you have fun with SP6. The Secret Pal exchanges are such a blast.

Daisy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I've just signed up for SP 6 too - haven't done one before but it looks like fun. Seeing your link to the Tempting pattern made me follow it - now I'm tempted too!!

christine said...

I love that yarn! It's very pretty!
SP6? Oh lady, I hope you have better luck than I did with sp5! I think summer is the worst time to do that. Live and learn!