Friday, August 12, 2005

On the Needles

This now the third time I've attempted to update this blog. I'm gonna go and cry if it crashes again. On a lighter note, I found my camera, so I can upload my multiple WIPs

Lace shawl based on Leaves &Waves, but without the strange block of stocking stitch. Made from a recycled charity shop jumper, which was great fun, especially with my new wool winder, despite the fact that it left mohair everywhere.

Huge polo neck jumper which I'm worried is going to turn out somewhere between small enough to fit and big enough to look like it isn't meant to. Oh well, maybe it'll shrink in the wash.

Mmm Tempting. I love this project. Especially the yarn, it's so yummy and soft. It's gonna be so hard to go back to cheapo acrylic cack after this stuff.

Right, crossed fingers.


Becky said...

Hello there and *wave* right back at ya. Welcome to blog land - it's great fun and very addictive - I love all your wip's and I'm sure your polo neck will be just fine !

Annie said...

I like your version of leaves and waves much better than the original. I just don't *get* that stocking stitch panel!

Noo said...

Hah! "Cack". I haven't heard that word for ages. Love your WIPs